Value of Advertising and Marketing


Your home soldOne of the two major jobs that June does for you is Marketing Manager. It is of primary importance. A marketing plan is really a strategy for getting the most people and the right people into your home as quickly as possible.

A really good Marketing Plan also has a strategy for creating excitement and a sense of urgency in the prospective buyers.

Getting a hundred people through your home to evaluate it, is good marketing, but getting them there all at once is great marketing!

If a buyer thinks he is the only person interested in the house, he will act one way, but if there are many people interested, he may act another way. It is this sense of urgency and scarcity that we work towards.

  • Advertising comes in many forms:
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Web-based exposure
  • Sign in the yard
  • Open House events
  • Mailing directly to existing buyers looking for homes
  • General direct mail